Greening is a process where every small step matters and leads to a big change for the environment. We are working on a strategy that will make the Sopot Jazz Festival more and more "green" from year to year. We have already introduced a number of pro-ecological changes, which we write about below.

Transport produces the largest carbon footprint in almost any event. Considering the difficulty of limiting international transport (due to the supra-regional nature of the event), we place great emphasis on rationalizing local transport:

  • transport schedules are arranged so that more than one person always travels by car;
  • parking for bicycles is available near the main festival site, moreover, its location is very convenient for people traveling by public transport;
  • 90% of the subcontractors employed at the festival come from the Tri-City, which minimizes the need for the crew to travel far.

After transport, gastronomy is the second area that poses a threat to the environment. To minimize its negative impact:

  • we make sure that the food products available at the festival come from local suppliers;
  • we try to make sure that as many products served as possible during the festival come from fair trade;
  • we provide options for vegans and vegetarians;
  • food and drinks are served in reusable or biodegradable containers;
  • we avoid giving water in plastic bottles and encourage you to drink tap water;
  • we do not use plastic straws.

Waste management is extremely important, therefore:

  • we encourage our partners to separate their waste, and we make sure that recycling stations are available behind the scenes;
  • ashtrays are available at all festival venues, which is to prevent cigarette butts from being thrown in random places.

We are fully aware that a sustainable festival should also generate a number of social effects, therefore:

  • we provide a diverse program promoting openness and cultural diversity;
  • we make sure that our events are accessible to people with disabilities;
  • we provide affordable ticket prices;
  • we engage the local community.


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