Greening is a process in which every little step is important and leads to a major change for the natural environment. We are working on a strategy to make the Sopot Jazz Festival greener every year. We have already introduced the following pro-ecological changes:


Transport is responsible for most of the carbon footprint during almost every event. In view of the difficulties in putting curbs to international transport (due to the transnational nature of the event), we make efforts to rationalise local transfers:

  • the artists will be able to use 'Mevo' city bikes instead of taxis;

  • car transfer schedules are organised in such a way that more than one person can  make the trip;

  • a bicycle parking station is available close to the main festival venue. Its location is also convenient for public transport users;

  • all our subcontractors are local so long-distance trips of crews are avoided.


Next to transportation, catering is the second area which is a threat to the environment. In order to minimise its negative impact:

  • we want the food products available during the Festival to come from local suppliers;

  • we want as many products served during the Festival as possible to come from fair trade;

  • options for vegans and vegetarians will be provided;

  • food and beverages are served in reusable or bio-degradable containers;

  • we avoid serving water in plastic bottles; drinking tap water is encouraged instead;

  • we do not use plastic straws.


Waste management is highly important, therefore:

  • we encourage our partners to sort waste, and provide recycling bins in the wings;

  • we make ashtrays available at all the Festival venues so as to avoid cigarette buts thrown anywhere.


We are fully aware that a sustainable festival should generate a number of social effects, therefore:

  • we provide a varied programme promoting cultural openness and diversity;

  • we make every effort possible to make our events accessible to persons with disabilities;

  • we ensure affordable ticket prices;

  • we get the local community involved;

  • we conduct educational activities.


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