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During this year's Sopot Jazz Festival, we want to make it even more accessible. Wherever possible and dependent on us, we are open to you and to your needs. We are aware that there is still a long way to go to ensure full availability, but we are convinced that each next step on this path is important and necessary. We believe that in the near future our festival will have no barriers. In this process, your opinion and opinion are very important to us, so please share it during or after the festival!

The contact person for matters related to availability, both before, during and after the festival, is Zuzanna Januszkiewicz: +48 58 555 84 17,


  1. The organizers provide a free ticket for a person supporting a person with a disability. The need to receive one, additional, free entry ticket should be reported when buying a ticket at a stationary point or immediately after purchasing it via the Internet at the Viewer Service Office (Sopot, 12 Moniuszki St.,, tel. 58 555 84 11) .
  2. People with disabilities can participate in festival events with a trained guide dog or an assistance dog.
  3. The organizers provide assistance for people with visual disabilities to move around the concert venues. Please report this need by e-mail or by phone: +48 882 628 416.
  4. People with sensory disorders and sensory hypersensitivity will be admitted to the Opera Leśna premises out of sequence. Please report such need to ticket inspectors or volunteers.
  5. A very important group for whom we would like to make our festival even more accessible are families with children
  6. Children up to 3 years old are entitled to free admission.
  7. During the event, the organizers provide earplugs for children.

If you have any additional questions or doubts, please contact Zuzanna Januszkiewicz (, +48 58 555 84 17).


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